How do Bases work?

Learn how to set up Bases in to improve the accuracy of travel time suggestions

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What is a Base and how are they used?

Bases help to understand where you spend your time when you are not at an event. They are typically used for home and work locations.

Bases are used to calculate the starting point for your travel.

How do I create a Base?

You create your first base during onboarding. You can also create a Base in the Locations area and update your Bases any time in the future.

A Base has a name (e.g. "Work"), a location (e.g. "10 Downing Street, London") and an emoji (e.g. an office building ๐Ÿข).

You can allocate different times at different days of the week that you will be at a particular Base. The accuracy of these times will help to provide you with better travel suggestions.

How do I assign Calendar Locations to a Base?

Once you have set up a Base you can assign different locations in your calendar to it. For example, if you have an event in your calendar with the location "Home" you can automatically associate it with your "My House" Base. This is done in the Calendar Locations page. You can link up multiple locations to a Base.

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