Once all members have left the meeting space, you can access your post-meeting information such as the agenda for the meeting, the transcript, any outcomes and the meeting summary.

The meeting summary involves an abstractive summary, topics spoken about and speaker participation.

Simply click the various tabs to view this information within the Eric App in your Microsoft Teams.

If in an active meeting without activating the meeting sidebar:

Step 1. Leave the meeting once meeting is over.

Step 2. Navigate to your Eric.ai dashboard.

Step 3. Click Meetings.

Step 3. View the meeting outcomes for the meeting that was just conducted.

Step 4. Click Meeting Summary.

If the meeting sidebar is activated:

Step 1. Leave the meeting once the meeting is over.

Step 2. You will be directed to the Eric.ai app in Microsoft Teams which is the same layout as the web browser.

Step 3. Click Meeting Summary.

You can also view meeting summaries that are in the past by:

Step 1. Navigating to the Eric.ai dashboard.

Step 2. Click Meetings.

Step 3. Click View meeting outcomes beside the meeting in question.

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