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How do I set end-of-meeting notification preferences?
How do I set end-of-meeting notification preferences?
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You can decide who receives email notifications at the end of a meeting. These emails will contain an overview of the meeting, direct links to the meeting page, outcomes, and more.

To change your email notification preferences:

  1. Login to your dashboard.

  2. Go to Settings > Email Notification.

  3. Select your preferred Meeting Summary notification option.

The following preferences are available:

  • Send only to me as the host: When you are the host of a meeting and your attended, recorded, and summarized the call, only you will receive the completed meeting email.

  • Send to all internal invitees: The email will be sent to you as the host and all meeting attendees who have an account within your organization. This let them know the meeting is ready to view in their dashboard.

    Remember: All invitees with an account in your organization will have access to view the meeting page in their dashboard.

  • Do not send: No one will receive an email notification. This setting is not recommended as you won’t know when your meeting summary is completed.

Once you have selected your preferred setting, make sure you click ‘Save Changes'.

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