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Add to your meetings
Add to your meetings

Learn the various ways you can add to your meetings

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Option 1: Auto-Join (Default Meeting Setting)

Note: Auto-join is currently available only for Microsoft Teams meetings. It can be enabled for accounts that utilise Microsoft SSO for account creation.

Auto-join is automatically enabled when you synchronize your calendar during set-up. If you haven’t synchronized your calendar yet, click here to discover how.

How to invite with auto-join?

Follow these steps to invite using auto-join:

  1. Navigate to your Teams or Outlook calendar.

  2. Schedule a standard video call and invite the necessary participants.

  3. will automatically join any meetings scheduled with a meeting URL.

  4. will join the call promptly at its designated start time. To confirm's invitation, check your Dashboard, where all upcoming meetings are displayed.

Important Note: will auto-join only newly scheduled meetings in your calendar. For to join pre-existing scheduled meetings, utilize Quick Invite. To discover how to use Quick Invite, see below.

Don’t want auto-join?

To turn auto-join off, follow these simple steps:

  1. Login to your dashboard.

  2. Go to Settings > Default Meeting Settings.

  3. Select Do not auto-join.

  4. Press ‘Save Changes’. will no longer auto-join your scheduled meetings.

Option 2: Invite from your calendar invite

Do not need to use Option 2 if auto-join is turned on.

How to invite with a calendar invite?

Follow these steps to invite using a calendar invite:

  1. Schedule a meeting in Microsoft or Google Calendar and include [email protected] in the guest list.

  2. Ensure that your calendar invite contains a meeting URL from Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or Zoom.

  3. After sending the invite, look out for a confirmation email from, confirming its attendance.

If cannot accept your meeting request, you will receive an email outlining any issues.

Option 3: Invite with Quick Invite

You can use Option 3 if your meeting isn’t prescheduled, you aren’t the host, or you didn’t invite beforehand.

How to invite with Quick Invite?

Follow these steps to quickly invite to your meeting:

  1. Navigate to the bottom left of your dashboard and click on the ‘Invite’ button.

  2. Copy the meeting URL from Microsoft Teams, Google Meet or Zoom.

  3. Paste the meeting URL into this field.

  4. Click the ‘Invite’ button. will promptly join your ongoing meeting and automatically generate a new meeting page.

Important Note: Only the host will have access to meetings joins with Quick Invite. Access cannot be extended to other participants; however, you can download the meeting minutes and share them with others manually.

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