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How to use for Zoom meetings
How to use for Zoom meetings

Adding, using and removing with Zoom meetings

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Updated over a week ago can now join all your Zoom meetings! will expressly notify all participants that the meeting is being recorded. will always join the lobby of your meeting and wait to be admitted into your call, so you can decide not to admit him if you don't want to record this meeting.

The purpose of recording the meeting is to derive actionable insights for our end users, facilitating informed decision-making and enhancing productivity.

Adding the App for Zoom

There's no need for you to manually add the Zoom app to record and transcribe your Zoom meetings. joins your meetings automatically as a guest, as long as you have invited him to join your Zoom meeting.

How to invite to your Zoom meetings

There are three options to invite to your Zoom meetings:

1. Auto-Join Settings (Recommended)

  • First, ensure your calendar (Microsoft or Google) is connected.

  • Go to Settings > Default meeting settings to configure’s auto-join preferences.

2. Invite via Calendar:

  • Schedule a meeting in your Microsoft or Google calendar and add [email protected] to the guest list.

  • Ensuring the invite includes a Zoom meeting URL.

  • Await a confirmation email from

3. Quick Invite with URL:

  • For unscheduled meetings or if wasn't pre-invited, go to your account's left menu and click 'Invite' button.

  • Enter or paste your Zoom meeting URL and click 'Invite'.

  • joins your Zoom meeting and creates a new meeting page automatically.

Using in Zoom

  1.'s Waiting in Lobby: Once your Zoom meeting starts, will join the lobby and wait to be admitted. This allows you to decide if you want to record the meeting.

  2. Admitting Once you admit into the meeting and it appears as an attendee, will begin recording and transcribing your Zoom meeting.

  3. Real-Time Monitoring: You can review's recording and transcribing the meeting in real time by visiting the meeting page on

Removing App from Zoom

There's no need for you to manually remove the Zoom app to stop recording and transcribing your Zoom meetings. You can control its participation directly during your meetings.

How to remove from your Zoom meetings

  1. If is Waiting in the Lobby:

    • If is in the lobby and you do not want it to join, simply do not admit it. It will not join the meeting or record it.

  2. If is in the Meeting:

    • If has already joined and you decide you don’t want it to record your Zoom meeting, you can remove it just like any other participant.

    • To remove from your call, go to the participants list, find, and click on "Remove".

Need any help?

If you need any help adding to your Zoom meetings, please contact us at any time using our live chat service.

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