(Emma.ai) How can I add buffer time to all the meetings in my calendar?

Learn how to set up a rule to add buffer time before and/or after all meetings in your specified calendar(s)

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Rule setup

The screenshot below shows a buffer time rule that will add 30 minutes buffer time before and after all events in your integrated calendars:

buffer time rule screenshot

How does this work?

The rule will search all the upcoming meetings in the connected calendar(s) in your Integrations settings page (https://my.emma.ai/settings/integrations) and if the role DOES NOT CONTAIN '1234567890' it will automatically add 30 mins before and after it.

Once you create the rule, you can click the "Apply rules" button and get an estimated number of events that will be triggered by the rule.

How long does it take?

Once you apply the rule it may take a while to synchronise your existing upcoming meetings depending on how many events are in your calendar and how much demand we are experiencing on our servers. Once this initial sync happens, future buffer time will get added to new events quickly, typically in a few seconds (sometimes you need to refresh your calendar to see the changes).

How can I turn off a buffer time rule?

If you want to turn off the rule, you can remove it or you can change its status so it is not 'active'. Then, once you click "Apply rules" it will begin to remove the buffer time from your calendar. Important: Please note that the buffer time rules can not be removed automatically if you disconnect your calendar before turning off the rule.


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