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How do I create an account and authorise my account into Microsoft Office 365?
How do I create an account and authorise my account into Microsoft Office 365?

Learn how to create your account and authenticate with Microsoft

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Registering an account within is very straight forward. Please navigate to You will be asked to create a username, password and to accept the terms and conditions of service.

Please note: When you are choosing your email address to register within The email address must be the same email address that you use to log into microsoft teams. This allows Eric to identify you as registered Microsoft Teams user and to associate your account with the meetings that you invite Eric into.

Authorising your account with Microsoft Office 365

Authorising to be used within your Microsoft Office 365 tenant requires a set of permissions to be accepted by an administrator, or in particular a user account that has "global admin permissions assigned to an account.

Once you have successfully created a username and password you will be presented with a mandatory request to link your account to a Microsoft office 365 tenant. The reason why we need to integrate your account is for to successfully join your meetings, retrieve the audio data, retrieve speaker identification data and allows to send messages into your meeting.

Please note: can only push messages to your meeting. This is a non interactive service and Eric cannot read other messages that may be presented within your meeting by yourself or the other participants that you have invited.

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